Orthopedic Service Company offers a wide variety of wheelchair ramps in Chapel Hill, NC, made for both businesses and homeowners to make their spaces more accessible, providing a catalogue featuring a wide variety of high quality wheelchair ramps, designed to handle any type of wheelchair access you may need.



When installing a wheelchair ramp in Chapel Hill, NC businesses or residential buildings, Orthopedic Service Company offers comprehensive options.

From wheelchair ramps with handrails to longer, shorter or narrow ramps, we can provide you with the right kind of wheelchair ramp to fit your

specific needs.

Orthopedic Service Company is fully ADA compliant, and we meet OSHA and IBC2006 standards.

Our catalogue features all types of handicap accessible ramps to make your Chapel Hill home or business more accessible to anyone facing mobility issues. From rubber threshold ramps for small steps to portable wheelchair ramps, modular ramps and more – let us help you find the right kind of wheelchair ramp for your commercial business!



Give us a call at 1-800-662-7572 and talk straight to our mobility experts, who will be happy to resolve any of your doubts and orientate you towards choosing the right wheelchair ramp for your Chapel Hill, NC home or business.