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As a top mobility equipment provider, Orthopedic Service Company offers their clients in Cary, NC guidance, sales and installment of wheelchair lifts.

Depending on individual necessities, wheelchair lifts can come in the way of vertical platform lifts, which function both indoors and outdoors and serve more of an elevator like purpose as well as inclined wheelchair lifts, which can also be installed in or outside the home but are used more in a stairlift manner.

At Orthopedic Service Company we are eager to provide assistance to our customers in order to  help them pick the wheelchair lift that best adapts to their needs and their Cary, NC home or business.


Also known as “porch lifts”, vertical platform wheelchair lifts act as an open elevator that can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

This type of wheelchair lift can provide access to raised porches, decks or any other elevated areas around your home or business.


As their name suggests, inclined platform wheelchair lifts are similar to stairlifts, using wheelchair platforms instead of a stand alone seat to go up and down the stairways.

Consisting of a railway that’s installed in an existing staircase to travel along its incline, it can be used to transport a wheelchair user or other lightweight devices up and down the stairs.


In order to guarantee the highest possible quality, Orthopedic Service Company works with two of the best brands in the market: Bruno and Harmar to offer wheelchair lifts in Cary, NC.

Being both made in the USA brands, they meet all Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements, offering the necessary features to assure you the best customer experience and highest quality and security.

Orthopedic Service Company not only handles distribution but also installment and customer support, guiding you into picking the right wheelchair lift that adjusts to your needs.

Contact Orthopedic Service Company today to learn more about the wheelchair lift options we offer in Cary, NC.