For people with impaired mobility, a handicap accessible ramp offers easier, more comfortable access to your home or business, allowing for greater independence and an improvement in quality of life.

Orthopedic Service Company provides customers in Chapel Hill, NC a distinct range of wheelchair ramps from the top brands in the market, guaranteeing a safe access to any home or business space for users with limited mobility.


At Orthopedic Service Company we work with some of the best brands in the market to offer a wide range of handicap accessible ramps for Chapel Hill, NC customers. Whether you’re in need of a wheelchair ramp with handrails, a portable or modular ramp or other specific type of model, we’ll be able to find the right kind of handicap accessible ramp to fit any home and business space.

Knowing that all businesses around the country must meet ADA guidelines and requirements for proper handicap accessible ramp access, we guarantee our customers not only this but the highest of quality standards: All of our commercial wheelchair ramps meet OSHA and IBC2006 standards, meaning we will only offer you the best of the best.  

Whatever the configuration of your home or business, budgets and preferences, at Orthopedic Service Company we are proud to assist you in picking the right handicap accessible ramp for you in Chapel Hill, NC.


Contact Orthopedic Service Company today for guidance as to what type of ramp best adjusts to your needs and then leave the rest of the job up to us. Our team of experts will handle everything from guidance and assistance to installment of the ramp of your choice.

Call us today so we can start making your home or business a safer environment.